Central Florida Raw Food Co-Op

We order raw green tripe and Performance Blend dog food along with other delicious items from

Jerry Briffa, TEFCO, INC.

This link is on our yahoo home page under "links".
The product is sent to us from NYC in a freezer truck.
We pay shipping/handling/surcharge fees dependent upon how many pounds of product we order.
At this time we are adding twenty five cents per pound of product to cover the shipping/handling/surcharge fees
to the trucker. The Central Florida leg must order at least 9,000 pounds per order to maintain this rate. The new West Palm Beach/Miami leg must order at least 1,500 to 2,000 pounds to maintain this rate.

NEW!!! The DOR of the state of Florida requires we pay a 6/5% USE TAX on pet food.
Please include that in your total.
We use an order form to be included with your payment.

You may also download the order form that figures your product costs for you, it's on the FILES page.

There are TWO PARTS to you placing an order.
1. Fill out the ORDER FORM and mail it with your payment to the address on the form.
2. Enter your order on the Database in the yahoo group.
...click on MORE on the drop down menu...
...click on DATABASE, then click on your Database by your location, i.e., Orlando...
...click on ADD ROW...add your name and phone number and your order now...
...if it is there, good work!...if not, email the group and I'll fix it.
After you decide what you want you go to our database and enter your name/phone and the
number of cases of product you want. For example, if you want 80 pounds of tripe in two pound sleeves you enter a 2 under the column for two pound Tripe.
(Two cases times forty pounds equals 80 pounds of product.)

Don't forget this is our database IS our order sheet and we
work from this at the trucker when we are dividing the product for delivery to you!

Starting with Order #51 we will be delivering product to West Palm Beach with a wagon train taking from WPB to Miami.

Enter your order on the WPB/Miami Database. Your phone number is imperative! You will get a call for delivery time.

WPB/Miami orders have their own Database in the files section. IF you want to have your product delivered in the Miami area put an "M" in front of your name on the Database.

IF, after you place your order on the database and you want to change your order
post the change to the list and it will be added to the database by one of the moderators.
Once your order is placed on the list you will not be able to alter it without help.

We CLOSE the order when it is over at least 5,000 pounds.
As soon as you place your order you may either send a check or PayPal your money.
When you know how much your bill is you send a check made out TO:

Rebecca Bailey
6710 Cocos Drive
Orlando, FL 32807
407 281-9481

you can use the PayPal by clicking on the logo below.
There is a charge of 4% called a shipping fee to use PayPal.


For your convenience you may pay securely
through PayPal using your
A 4% shipping charge will be included in your cost.


After any checks have cleared the bank we place the order to Jerry Briffa in NYC and he does the rest.
We prefer ALL new members to use PayPal
Becky sends one large check to
Tefco, Inc. (Jerry) and we now wait, again!

The order will arrive, dependent upon holidays, six weeks from faxing the order.
We have several pick up points. One in Orlando (32807), one in Brooksville and one in Groveland

and on a separate Database a delivery in West Palm Beach/Miami.

Here are Ron's pick up points:
1. Groveland - Hardee's
2. Hwy 50 & I-75 - Brooksville - Wendy's

(If you pick up from Ron please include $3.00 per case, cash, for Ron's gas.)

We have a different truck that delivers in West Palm Beach and a member wagon-trains product to Miami from that truck.
1. WPB - Jacqueline Smith
3402 NW 110th Way Coral Springs, Fl 33065
954.725.6578 or 954.803.0197

Please include $3.00 per case, cash, for Jacqui's gas.

You choose where you want to pick up your product.

The product arrives in a huge freezer truck and we get ONE DAY's notice that it will be here.
We then post to the group that the product will be picked up and
everyone MUST pick up their product on the day assigned.

Neither Ron, Jacqui nor I have freezer space to hold product.
Members pick up on delivery night at 7:30 at my home.
Ron sets a schedule with his families and you must post to the list to let him know what your plans are.
Jacqui's WPB members will normally pick up during the day, Jacqui will notify you!

We are a growing and active Central Florida Raw Food Co-op and we are happy to have new members!
When you decide to order please put your name and location on our phone directory and
always include your phone number and pick up location (West coast or Orlando) on the database with your order.

The raw green tripe is important to us as species appropriate raw feeders.
This is a fabulous product at an affordable price!

If you have other questions just post to the group and one of our members will be happy to help you.

Rebecca Montgomery Bailey
407 281 9481
Orlando, FL 32807